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Teach me how to doobie!

Teach me how to doobie!

Growing up I was always playing with my hair. In junior high school it took an entire week to twist my hair (i was attending class with my hair half done) and another week to untwist it, ugh. Being tender headed I didn't want help. Transitioning to high school from bushwick to upper west side, I went from twist to doobies.

Wondering whats a doobie? Remember 2013 Rihanna at the awards her hairstyle went viral. In case you missed Rihanna's debut, Dominican Doobie Cap states "a Dominican Doobie wrap (or Tubi) is a dry hair wrap used to protect your hair and help prolong your style. It is the perfect system to wrap your hair for bed, while home doing chores, or - if you are Rhianna, wearing to the music awards." You will need a flat brush, extra long pins, and a headwrap. Follow the directions suggested by video.

Practice makes perfect, personally i prefer no pins due to the indentation of my hair after unwrapping. This helps your hair or your weave maintain its silky flow and avoids breakage to keep your hair healthy and keep a smile on your face like riri.

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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